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Individual retreats

A package according to your needs. Contemplate the days, nutrition and activities that you require.

Yoga and meditation retreat

This retreat is designed to reconnect you with your inner being. Activate your internal dialogue using yoga as a tool, meditation with the sounds of water, breathing exercises and natural nutrition to purify your body.

Detox Retreat

A retreat which combines comprehensive purification activities: healthy eating, yoga classes, massage, body wraps, neurolinguistic programming, spa equipment (infrared rays, electrostimulation, body ionization and adjustment of the bone system through blood supply) among others.


Disconnect you from your daily routine and Reconnect with your own essence enjoy
our retreats in the middle of the Jungle, use our cenotes and stay in our cabins.


Closing cyrcles retreat

In this retreat you will learn to heal your wounds of the past by closing cycles that have remained open. With this, you will reprogram your mind to be able to generate better relationships and you will open the possibility of traveling new paths that cultivate your self-love.


A Retreat for lovers of Life who want to fully enjoy every moment of their existence. Sensory activities (painting, body paint, dance, music, psychomagic, body expression) in which each being manages to feel like the heart of the universe. A retreat to love yourself and appreciate the true human being that you are.

Business retreats

The objective of this retreat is to work your mental blocks to open the doors of success in your professional projection. And more than a retreat, it is a training for a new lifestyle that contemplates the aspects of being human in an integral way. You will work on your personal growth purpose and your contribution to the world.

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Magic Retreat With Science and Tradition

A retreat that shows multicultural traditions related to magical ceremonies. A combination of Activities with Science (physics, chemistry and quantum biology) Magic and Tradition (A walk through ceremonies of different cultures: Mexican, Celtic shamanic, etc).

Alchemical Weddings

A self-love retreat in which through the activities you will discover and fall in love with all of the aspects of your personality. Understanding and valuing your life story to the point of accepting yourself as you are. You will live an unforgettable ceremony in which you will united to the greatest love of your life: YOU. (Your own alchemical wedding in the ceremony of integration with yourself)

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