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Mayan Village-Ha

Aldea-Maya-Ha Retreat Center

"We provide everything you need for a successful retirement"

Do you need a sacred place to be able to develop a healing retreat? We are specialists in hosting retreats for people from all over the world. 

Our job is to make your retreat a complete success, offering you everything in our power to support you as a facilitator and all the participants.

Meet Aldea Maya-Ha

A place in the middle of the jungle with a high energy level

  • Located in Puerto Morelos Quintana Roo, just 20 min. from Cancun Airport.
  • In the middle of the Mayan Jungle
  • With 2 exclusive cenotes for you and your participants
  • Maloca or Temple of Ceremonies  with unique energy. 
  • Restaurant at your disposal during the retreat
  • Bungalows that unite in oneself with nature
  • Temazcal 
  • Unique contact with Mother Nature

This place is for you if...

  • You organize spiritual and healing retreats (No matter the type of medicine or retreat).

  • You are looking for a place in the Riviera Maya, Mexico for your retreat.

  • You are seeking a place with sacred energy.

  • You are looking for a place that provides you with all the services you require as a facilitator.

  • You want to delegate tasks such as food, transportation, tours, ceremonies and organization on site.

  • You want to pamper and surprise the people in your retreat/participants.

  • You are looking for people as committed as you are, to the success of your retirement.

  • You are looking for a place to accommodate up to 28 people from anywhere in the world

  • You are looking for a place with lodging (bungalows/cabins), cenotes, Maloca, Temazcal and Restaurant in the middle of the jungle
    You want to introduce any mexican and tradicional ceremony

Why Aldea Maya-Ha?


Aldea Maya-Ha will close its doors to the general public to offer you exclusivity of the place, so you will avoid being interrupted by people outside your retreat

Capacity up to 28 people

In Aldea Maya-Ha, an exclusive place in the middle of the jungle in mexican Caribbean. There are 6 Bungalows/cabins become one with nature, for a rest and connection with your senses. 

Food included


Our costs include delicious food (regardless of the type of diet: vegan, vegetarian, mixta, detox, etc). 

We have a designer kitchen, and top-level dishes and the best, with the nutritional balance that your retirement requires.

Transportation to Aldea Maya-Ha and Parking

We put at your disposal our transportation service: 




(Query terms and additional costs) As well as our included parking for participants

Maloca (Temple of ceremonies)

Our Maloca full of energy for all kinds of ceremonies, has ample space for up to 30 participants lying down comfortably and 50 seated. 

You will be surprised at the magic that happens in this place



Inside the Aldea Maya-ha Retreats center is our Temazcal, Ancestral Ceremony  in a structure that resembles the womb. It is a ceremonial bath that is carried out with the steam of water and medicinal aromatic herbs that emerges from the hot stones. During the bath there is a guide who leads the participants through songs and meditations to get in touch with themselves and with the elements of nature.


Our privileged location will make your retirement an unforgettable experience:


Located in Puerto Morelos Quintana Roo, just 20 min. from Cancun Airport. 30 min. from Playa del Carmen and 7 min. from Puerto Morelos´s beach. 



"We take our hearts to help you" The testimonials from our clients from all over the world allow us to guarantee that the service that Aldea Maya-Ha will exceed your expectations. Throughout your retreat we will remain attentive and ready to help and provide you to your participants with whatever they require and that is in our hands and a little more.

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