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You are about to be introduced to the magic of nature, where the Village merges harmoniously allowing the Villagers to reconnect with their origin, maximizing their senses.

Accommodation in Mexico

The 5 ecological cabins of Aldea Maya-Ha are very varied in their construction but coincide in their structure with stone walls, wood from the region and Mayan style palapas.

The Village has 2 beautiful cenotes. Its natural beauty and mystical essence
that radiate is what makes them so fascinating.

Enjoy our Retreat Center, a place full of positive energy that will take you to the depths of your being, surrounded by the peace of the jungle.

Retreat Center in Mexico
Spiritual retreat center

Designer Mexican cuisine, with exquisite flavors regardless of your type of diet (Vegan, Vegetarian, Mixed, etc.)

 Aldea Maya-Ha is considered an energetic site, conducive to healing, magnificent for its simplicity and at the same time beautiful for preserving nature almost intact. The village can receive people of all ages and beliefs


The Villagers awaken our senses and live in the Village a series of
experiences, sensory activities, jungle sounds, textures, colors and
ancestral aromas that reconnect us with who we really are and had forgotten.

The Villagers are inspired by creating in this place the best version of
ourselves, aiming to preserve nature and magnify it while respecting its

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