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Water Meditation with Tibetan Bowls

Relaxing activity that takes place inside a Cenote. This meditation balances the energy body and dissolves blockages by activating the cells and penetrating deep into the brain waves leading to states of calm and serenity

Detox experience

This experience combines healthy eating, the healing effect of a massage, body wraps, mental reprogramming and the benefits of spa equipment (infrared rays, electrostimulation, body ionization and adjustment of the osseous system through blood supply).

Family Constellations

Therapy that allows to break family patterns to achieve a life in a more conscious, healthy, happy and above all full life. The topics that can be constellated are: Difficulties in family relationships, Personal development, Childhood traumas. Couple conflicts, current or past relationships. Depression, sadness and melancholy, with or without apparent cause. Losses and grief Guidance at a professional level and projects, etc.

Experiences and services

We want you to enjoy your stay and fill yourself with energy with the experiences we have designed for you.


Romantic dinners 

Experience an exotic night, dare to enjoy with your partner a stimulating aromatic massage that will take your senses to the maximum. experience a romantic dinner by candlelight, in a paradisiacal jungle environment. This experience is widely recommended to nurture the romantic relationship in the couple and foster mutual love.

cocoa ceremony

The Spirit of Cacao is one of the most powerful deities in Mayan cosmology. Live and enjoy the process that takes place in the elaboration of cocoa. Delights its delicious native flavor and feel its positive effects when consuming this sacred drink.

Chocolate workshop

We create this unique and authentic experience, on a journey that starts from the selection of the cocoa bean to the making of chocolate tablets that takes you to live a world of ancestral flavors and unforgettable aromas.


Aromatherapy Workshop

Transform your emotions and modify your reality through sensory exercises with aromatherapy. Learn the use of essential oil application techniques. Work from within and practice: Breathing with aromas. Aromas to level the mind. State of happiness. Release of blockages. Transformation of beliefs. Brain activation.

Art therapy workshop

Through artistic disciplines you will live an impact therapy. In the artistic world you will experience a certain ease that will lead your unconscious to break barriers and labels that have slowed down your existence and you will know a new facet of yourself that you had never imagined. Art Therapy is to look at your life in colors.

Business development workshops

Here you will learn to unlock your mind, you will work on techniques to raise your state of consciousness and through brain management. You will trick your mind and modify the perception of your reality. You will identify your family codes, social codes and how they influence work and personal goals

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It is an Ancestral Ceremony that takes place in a closed structure in which previously heated volcanic stones are introduced and where people spend time purifying their body, mind and spirit. This ceremonial bath is performed with steam of medicinal aromatic herbs that emerges from the hot stones. During the bath there is a guide who leads the participants through songs and meditations to a contact with themselves and with the elements of nature.

Benefits of


*Benefits blood circulation


*Balances nervous system


*Helps in liver disorders


* Releases contained emotions

*Fights arthritis and infections

*Oxygenates the skin (among other benefits)

Special events

We organize your event according to your needs (Wedding Celebrations, Mayan Weddings, Anniversaries, Group Integration Activities, Group Services, Business Events and more)

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