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Free Wi-Fi throughout the Village


Welcome four-legged friends, they are the happiest running through the jungle.


Balcony overlooking the jungle and/or the uncovered cenote

Parking lot

Free parking for guests

Star Brightness

Lets'bal Eek'e'


A cabin that creates a combination of textures: wood, stone from the region and palapa in the purest ancestral style of the Mayan culture. It allows you to hear the sounds of nature, the singing of birds and feel when the wind blows around you. ​ Perceive the most beautiful aromas that the plants and dew give off at dawn. Its exterior view allows you to contemplate the magnificence of nature. ​ With a visual communication to the outside that manages to connect with the trees and the sunlight, its wooden structure allows the light of the sun, the moon and the stars to pass through on clear nights, hence its name.


It is a cabin built mostly with white limestone walls, characterized by its curved wall giving the space a magical movement. It harmonizes with its wall of round wood that produces visual balance towards the balcony. ​ It is a mystical cabin with a Mayan palapa, whose name attracted the beautiful rays of the Moon that are projected through its characteristic circular windows, which in turn reflect the light on the floor, creating the sensation that the Moon is inside the cabin. .

Huul k´iin 

Beautiful cabin with stone walls tinted in earth tones with large windows and Mayan palapa, a space that, due to its shape, refers to the memory of ancient times due to its rustic stone extracted from the same land, whose color was produced by a fire in this area of the jungle, which burned the stone that was on the surface in 1998. ​ This cabin has extraordinary natural ventilation, its windows allow the sun's rays to enter in a superlative way, hence its name. It has the charm of having the Agua Azul cenote 20 meters away.

Blue Night



It is the cabin that is closest to heaven, built on a second floor which allows you to appreciate the jungle from a panoramic view, its wooden walls give it a fresh touch and its picturesque balcony that integrates with the treetops gives you give a unique style

Dew of heaven

Cabin with white limestone walls and large windows, decorated with handcrafted furniture and accessories, with a brightly lit balcony that stands out among all the balconies in the Village and from which you can observe the spectacular colors of the sky at dawn.



The Village has 2 beautiful cenotes. Their natural beauty and mystical essence that radiate is what makes them so fascinating.

Guardian Turtle



Underground cenote with a natural white stone staircase that contrasts with the blue and turquoise tones of the water. With little depth which makes it very comfortable and pleasant to enjoy the mysticism of its beautiful vault with marine corals and sea sponges fossilized for thousands of years. ​ Being a small cave-type cenote allows you to feel privacy and a very romantic atmosphere, even more so if you visit it at night since you can appreciate the starry sky through one of its mouths.

Blue water

Cenote Ch'ooh Ha


The Ch'ooh Ha cenote is one of the two cenotes that the Village has. It is a larger open cenote than the Kawaq with a depth of up to 2 m, making it ideal for water fun. It has the particularity of having a cavern at one end, being a very comfortable space because it is shallow, which allows you to enjoy the freshness of the water without the sun's rays. ​ This cenote, like all the cenotes in the Mayan area, has a magical charm, it was preserved naturally, around it you can see the whimsical shapes of the limestone plates harmonizing perfectly with the surroundings of the village, it also has a staircase stone to access it.

Welcome home!

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