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Mayan Village-Ha

 Mini Shamanic Retreat

Opening the wings to a new reality

Do you procrastinate on your goals?
Is the economy an obstacle?
Do you feel alone in your projects?

A method based on results

Alltechniquesthat you will find here are totally and completelyverifiable, we will have 2 days of emotional worklivewith results for life. 

You'll find

Self-manageable tools in your day to day

Our Mini Shamanic Retreat online, live and totally free; It will give you tools that you can put into practice in those situations in your life in which you need a change and/or improvement.

will you accompany me?

Elda Suastegui.png

AmElda Suastegui, Medicine woman with  Training in Traditional Mexican Medicine and Natural Medicine.

  • Psychomagic Art Therapist, Projector and Creative Magical Psycho Art. ​

  • Systemic Coach​

  • Therapist in Family Constellations, Systemic Therapy and Organizational Therapy.​

  • Specialist in Aromatherapy, Floral Therapy and Quantum Medicine.​

  • With studies in Engineering of the Mind. ​

  • Degree in Graphic Communication Design and Artistic Expression 

  • Director and Organizer of Thematic and Spiritual Retreats, Business Development Coach, Training Agent and external trainer of Therapists at Instituto Madrid

​¨I have helped hundreds of people and families to find their inner power and make the leap to a new reality¨

Are you ready to start this process of change?

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