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Shamanic medicine retreat in Mexico.​


Live this retreat fueled by the exotic vitality of the Mexican Caribbean in the jungle of Puerto Morelos. On this 5-day trip your senses will awaken to the ceremonial art of shamanic medicine. You will wake up and look at that greater force that sustains you and goes beyond you. You will know your spiritual animal and the power that it offers you. Through the ceremonies you will connect with nature and with yourself to solve energetic, physical or emotional blockages through your sacred creative expression. Discover the Beauty and the Beast that live within you, observe your lowest instincts, recognize your shadow, know it, integrate it and love it.​

This magical retreat offers a haven of inspiration.​

Shamanic Retreat

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$28,000.00 Regular Price
$24,360.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
    • 5 days of practice​
    • 4 nights of Accommodation​
    • Food included​
    • Languages: Spanish/English​
    • Shamanic ceremony of the 4 elements​
    • Meditative dance​
    • Power Animal Ceremony​
    • Nahual dance of power animal: with medicine music, characterization, body paint, body tape, photography and production. ​
    • Cocoa ceremony​
    • Aquatic Meditation​ *Temazcal​
    • Erasing Ancestral Memories of Fear and Lack ​
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